Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. We use the teeth on either side of the space to support a "false" tooth to make it appear as if no tooth was ever missing. The space is then filled.

Implants & Dentures

Today's dental technology allows for the replacement of missing teeth with an implant, or replacement tooth.

Implants can replace one tooth, several teeth or even an entire arch. Partial Dentures replace one or several missing teeth in an arch and are attached to the remaining teeth. We do place partial dentures with removable appliances when needed. Full Dentures replace all the teeth in an arch, and are important in making patients feel confident and secure about their smile.

"Dr. Nickels and his staff having been caring for me and my family for 20 + years. They are all wonderful and always give exceptional care."

~ Tim Lane

No Insurance?

Finances should never keep you from good oral health. We do all we can to maximize any benefits you and your family may have. We also assist with FSA and HSA accounts and provide a variety of payment options up front to give you financial flexibility.

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